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baby 933097 1920Annual exposure to solar radiation is three times higher in children than adults. Moreover, because of their physiology, children’s eyes are more vulnerable and require special protection against UV rays and blue-violet light. Designed for children as well as adults, the new Crizal® Prevencia® lenses are completely transparent, providing optimal photo-protection from day to day. The use of sunglasses will ensure additional protection in direct sunlight. 

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How Transitions lenses filter harmful blue lightLight-induced ocular damage has been investigated for decades in laboratory extensive work and several epidemiological studies. More recently, harmful effects of blue-violet light have been spotlighted by growing body of scientific research. Despite the eye’s natural defense mechanisms, it has been evidenced that cumulative exposure to blue-violet light can contribute to long-term irreversible changes in the retina. When the most critical exposure occurs in outdoor conditions, Transitions® lenses can effectively filter harmful blue-violet light and consequently provide optimal photo-protection for the patient eyes.

Article from the magazine "Point de vue"

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