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Single vision lenses with additional near powerCliquez ici pour lire l'article

Life in modern societies is increasingly digitalized. The increase in near-point activities brought on by the widespread use of all kinds of digital devices is triggering a notable increase in the visual fatigue syndrome known as digital eye strain (DES), accommodative and vergence dysfunctions and dry eye. As practitioners, we must face this challenge – which represents nothing less than the digital Everest for our eyes – with concrete solutions for real life. Single vision lenses with additional near-power is an example of one such solution we are using to treat a number of clinical cases. In this review, we are going to share what we are busy doing to resolve this challenge.




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Published in Optometry
Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blue Light: What are the risks to our eyes?

pointsdevue 10 2016 enClick here to read the articleThe potential dangers of blue light on the human eye are a subject of increasing debate, notably since the widespread use of LED lamps. This review addresses what blue light is, demonstrates where it is found, and explains why it can be harmful and under what conditions, and concludes with some recommendations for reducing associated risks

Blue light is everywhere, originally mainly in sunlight. This is nothing new. What has changed is our way of life. In short, we have gone from darkness to light within a few decades. Consider the changes to our habitat, where living spaces are now facing south and have large windows, whereas our elders tended to protect themselves from the sun; then there is extensive exposure of our bodies to sunlight in Western countries where garments are lighter and leisure is geared toward the sun (sea, mountains, ski, etc.). But that’s not all. Two major technologies have emerged in recent years that have contributed to blue light over-exposure: LED lamps and the last generations of screens. At the same time, the elderly are now suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) on a large scale, and the use of screens by all of us, especially the younger generations, is literally exploding. These changes are now giving rise to fears of potentially associated health dangers, and an increasing number of questions.

Article from the magazine "Point de vue"

points de vue

Published in Optometry

fig 1 38In this new digital era, there are new risks for user eyes and new challenges for vision care professionals. Ten experts, optometrists, ophthalmologists and researchers have addressed this broad topic and offer us their experience and thoughts in the form of verbatim comments. This overview has been divided into three main thematic areas: risks and prevention, professional practices, and projections and expectations.

Published in Optometry