Vision Training

Also known as "vision therapy

As a child grows, visual abilities normally develop from games and experiences. When a process is not acquired, this can lead to visual impairment and to one or several of the difficulties cited above. Vision therapy is prescribed following a full assessment of visual abilities.

Vision therapy teaches children and adults how to develop their visual abilities. Through personalized exercices and games, you learn to use the eyes as a team, to optimize the fixation, and to understand what you see.

Vision therapy is usually performed over several weeks or months. Vision therapy uses targeted exercices and games.

Repeating these exercices at home (for 10 mins/day) allows sustainable acquisition of the improved visual processes.

For some people, their vision might be well developped. But if visual demand is very high (e.g. spending long period in front of a computer screen or elite athletes), some discomfort might still be experienced. Visual processes could be optimized in order to minimize this discomfort and/or to increase performance.

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